Internet & Wifi

Whilst travelling, even when you are trying to get away from normal life or the rat race, we’ve come so attuned to lifw with the internet that it is impossible to live without especially if you are travelling.  Most hotels, hostels, AirBnB’s etc. have wifi and before booking its always worth checking.  Personally, I wouldn’t stay in a place that doesn’t unless I was in a very remote location and then wouldn’t expect so, you’ll be surprise though at many odd locations that do.  So, whilst stationed in a location is normally the easiest way to resolve internet access, whilst on the move it isn’t always.

Free Airport WiFi

I’ve used this quite a few times, a map of wireless passwords from airports and lounges around the world which is updated regularly –

Mifi (Mobile WiFi hotspot)

I’ve not need one of these yet, maybe in the future.  For now I’d prefer being somewhat in control of my life without constant internet connection and as I’m trying to focus on work-life balance it’s not something I’ve explored fully.  I do know a lot of people who do use them some as a necessity for work and other just like to be constantly connect, right now that’s not my cup of tea…….I may eat my words in the future.


I’m no security expert so would rather refrain from recommending specifics.  What I can say is that it would be foolish to not install a reputable anti/virus/spam etc. software, I use McAfee.  When connecting to any network I connect incognito; my laptop cannot be see on the network by others.  If a real hacker wants your details I’m sure they can get them but no use in making life easier for them.
When I need to do transactions, especially banking I prefer to use my mobile as it is much safer than using a laptop whilst connected on a public network, if possible mobile apps are even safer.  Both of my bank accounts have apps with their own security (Monzo and Barclays).


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