Flights, another one of the big two money outlays you have when travelling, the other being accommodation.  As with accommodation if time is on your hands then just keep looking and wait for the best price flight.  If as it is with me time is against me then the only place I use is or .com – mainly using the app for ease but not always and I’ve found them consistently the cheapest for flights.  Their site is easy to use and the filters just work for me.  Even when I’ve been pushed for time I do compare their prices with others sites and when it comes to money I’m not blindly loyal to any one site, but CheapFlights have been the cheapest at least 95% of the time.

Quick Guide to finding cheap flights:

There are a number of ways to find cheap flights, a holistic approach to achieve this is the best way.  Stag Kiss Budapest have put together a comprehensive yet succinct quick guide on how to go about getting a great deal on flights.  I’d highly recommend you take a look at their guide on How To Find Cheap Flights.

Masking your IP address/location:

When looking for flights a little tip I learnt from a link I was sent (link below) and something I would recommend learning, is masking your location.  This just means the site you are searching doesn’t know where or which country you are in.  It’s not as technical as you might think to change your IP location i.e. where websites think you are based.  I found a great article that explains how you can do this and the benefits:

Air Miles

I must add that I try stick to airlines that I have air mile with, Emirates and British Airways (part or,  that way that even if they are slightly more expenses I do gain a little bonus using them.

I like collecting air miles but don’t make it a rule I live and die by, maybe as times goes by I’ll change my tune.  There are so many articles on how to maximise accruing miles, the crux is if you really want to build up miles you need to change some habits and make it part of your day-to-day living i.e. having the right credit card and be vigilant.  Two great reads I can recommend is The ultimate guide to travel hacking and the many posts on Nomadic


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