My recommended additions are just that, recommendations and may not be relevant depending on your destination e.g. goggles or water purifier.  Although a first aid kit takes up space and I hope I never need to use most of the stuff it is always part of my travel bag and therefore always on my list for recommended additions.

Notebook (Rite in the Rain pocket notebook)

Yes I do travel with a laptop and phone, but sometimes you need to make a quite note, write something down or just so as you don’t forget something!  Rite in the Rain notebooks are the best, waterproof and a practical size so it’s easy to keep are hands reach.  You’ll not regret taking a notebook….just don’t take something large A4

Insect repellent (Moskito Guard)

This is obviously dependant on where you are going, it’s not a substitute to malaria medication either.  Do research on where you are going and what, if anything you need to take (this can also be a condition on entry to a country).  However, mosquitoes, bugs and insects are everywhere especially mosquitoes so a good repellent is a MUST and Moskito Guard is in my opinion one of the best all round.

Water Purifier (Sawyer Filter)

This isn’t high on my list and quite often left at home because of where I’m going.  If I am a little dubious of where I’m going then I’ll take it with; light at 65grams and a life expectancy of 100 000 gallons guaranteed.

Pen (Fisher Space Pen Trekker)

Yes this is overkill, I just like their pens…..take anything your comfortable with

First Aid Kit (Lifesystems Mountain First Aid Kit)

They are a little big, can seem a waste of valuable space and I hope I never need it to it’s full extent, but if/when it is needed it will be worth it’s price in gold.  I’ve taken out quite a bit of stuff as it’s overkill but have kept the essentials and added all my person stuff too including (when taken) the Sawyer Filter.  You can refill anyting you use by ordering directly from Lifesystems or just go to a good pharmacy and buy good replacements.

Carabiner x 2 (Black Diamond)

Any respectable carabiner will do. I keep two and use them for all sorts of things, whether it’s hooking something to my bag, day bag, belt, water bottle etc.  They are not essential and a piece of string or spare shoelace would also do the job 99% of the time, I just like to have them to hand

Goggles (Speedo Futura Biofuse Polarised)

Obviously this is dependant on where you are going.  I love swimming and although I would prefer taking a pair of goggles with a snorkel they take up too much space.  These Speedo goggles are polarised and they work great, I’ve only used mine in the sea so assume they work even better is a pool.   

Recommended Additions

Recommended Additions Recommended Additions Recommended Additions Recommended AdditionsRecommended AdditionsRecommended Additions






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