I use a lot of travel resources, there really isn’t a one-shoe fits all nor one location to get everything either.  As things progress I will add to this travel resources section including the good, the bad and the ugly.  Trying to keep up with equipment, places to go and things to do doesn’t need to be a full time job either.  You can quite easily scour the internet endlessly and never leave home because their is so much choice and opinions on everything!  Some parts of this travel resources section does crossover part of my Travel Gear, but whereas there I cover the actual products here I cover where I get things.

My main Travel Resources has seven categories:

Accommodation – How and where I find the cheapest accommodation

Flights – How and where I find the cheapest fights

Internet & WiFi – Free WiFi at airports including where to find them, usernames and passwords.  I also include a little section on security and mobile hotspots

Research Tools – Where and who I use as a foundation for research

Retailers – Where I buy most of my equipment (mostly in the United Kingdom and South Africa)

Entertainment – Keeping up to date on podcasts and audio files, music, movies etc.

Finance – Covers day-to-day banking, money transfers and facilities

If you’d like to read about my thoughts, experiences and stories here is the link to the blog page.  Alternatively, I have also included separate postings on my Facebook page just with the photos – Facebook Batnomad